Welcome to The Blind Sailor blog

The regular crew of Alexandros

I have been registered blind for twenty years.

Sight loss affects people, on an emotional level, in different ways. To give you an idea, it took me several years to admit I had a problem and get a long-cane. A few more years before enrolling on a degree course with the Open University to begin rebuilding my life. 18 years before applying for a guide dog.
Being a VIP (Visually Impaired Person) can impose restrictions, but I have learned that most of those restrictions exists in the minds of others.
This blog is about one mans bloody minded refusal to accept those limitations.

All ready to go back into the water.

As this blog develops I hope to add video clips and lots of photos, as well as solutions to problems as I come across them.  There will be a section dedicated to adaptations that I have come up with to get around my restricted vision.  Resources, both online and elsewhere that I have found helpful and so on.  In common with most sites like this, it is a work in progress.  Please pop back often to see how we are getting on.  Thank You.


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