Bon Voyage!

Well the big day is nearly upon us. The bold crew of Alexandros are preparing to set sail to Brightlingsea and ‘spend the night aboard’! Well, not quite rounding the Horn I know but still an adventure for us. The idea is to set off from our home port on a falling tide and make our way down the R Blackwater. Now if I have worked this out right, we should arrive at the estuary about 4 hours later, we potter about for a bit and take the flood up the Colne, and into Brightlingsea. Moor the boat, dinghy trip ashore and get stuck into the legendary local brew 🙂

Following morning should see us slipping about 0600 and taking the morning flood up the Blackwater to arrive home around, or shortly after, highwater. Seemples! What coud go wrong with that plan!

Now, I have been to Brightlingsea many times by car, in fact the last time was only last summer, but I have never spent the night aboard a boat, have never entered a different river, have never spoken to a HM on the VHF, let alone picked up a strange berth. As if that was not enough to worry about, I have never used the new Plastimo tender in anger, nor ‘taken a run ashore’ like a proper cruiser sailor. So it is all going to be new and exciting. If you would like to find out more about Brightlingsea you could do worse then start with this link

Piccys and maybe a bit of video to follow when (if) we get back!

Before I sign off, I must record the fact that my youngest son, Dave is spending his first night afloat this evening, in the Mediterranean aboard the cruise ship Seabourn Spirit which he has joined as assistant entertainment officer. Dave is an accomplished musician and a quick google for David Delarre will come up with lots of links. Bon Voyage to you too Dave, god bless.

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