New Crew Member…

I would like to introduce Barret Bonden. For the Patrick O’Brian fans amongst you he will need no introduction. As Lucky Jacks coxswain, Bonden proved to be reliable, brave and devoted to Jack. He was also Jacks first choice when a steady hand at the wheel was called for.

Our ‘Bonden’ is a s/h Raymarine Tillerpilot that I won on eBay. (in itself a long story I am afraid, all my fault though). My son and I fitted Bonden last week and took Alex out for a sail. It was fascinating to watch! In fact the most dangerous thing is forgetting to look where you are going and sitting in the cockpit staring at the Tillerpilot! I am so sad that I even took a video of it!

I am sure that ‘Bonden’ will prove to be as reliable as his namesake.

(Bonden can be seen, briefly, hard at work in the latest video)

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