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Well, what a week Inca has had.  He was working hard in the back garden chasing balls (tough work but someone has to do it) when he caught a dewclaw on something and broke it.  A visit to the vets confirmed that he had not just broken a nail, but had broken the bones too.  The following day he reported to the MO in the sickbay and was put under the surgeons knife.  No rum or opium for Inca, and before you could say ‘fetch’ both his dewclaws had been amputated.  We have been assured by the ships surgeon that Inca was NOT chained down on a table, nor was he given a leather strap to bite on and that his operation WAS carried out under general anaesthetic, honest!  As you can see, he was feeling a bit sorry for himself though.

Anyway back to the boat.  Today we visited Alex just to check her over and I noticed that the sediment bowl on the fuel line looked murkier than was right.  With Inca (still on the sick list) overseeing proceedings I set about removing the sediment bowl.  The 1GM10 fitted in Alexandros is really easy to get to, simply remove a couple of covers and access is superb.

There was about 1/2 inch of sludge in the bowl, which I found surprising as the fuel tank was cleaned out last season.  Still, ‘better out than in’ as my grandfather used to say, and in a few moments the glass was as clean as a whistle, the system bled and covers back in place.  However, the crew still got bored and clearly could not see the point of the exercise at all.

I thought it prudent to run the engine for 15 or 20 minutes under load, just to check for air in the system.  Inca, of course, was on hand to offer useful advice at all times. With my visual impairment it is sometimes hard to spot the water issuing from the exhaust outlet.  I find I have to hang over the stern for sometime until I can make out the water pumping out.  In fact, it is easier to hang my hand over the back and feel for the warm water coming out then it is to see it.  However, in the still water of the marina I can usually spot it.

As you can see, Inca is assigned to light duties until the MO signs him off as fit for duty.  In the meantime he will continue to take up space, eat lots of food and generally make himself useful (not) around the house.  It struck me as funny that I find myself every morning walking my guidedog on a lead, while using a guide cane in my other hand to get about!  I am beginning to suspect the old seadog is swinging the lead a bit.  Bless him.



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