Well, that’s the summer done then…

… I must have dropped off and missed it. Is it a function of getting older, or are the British summers getting shorter? I suspect a bit of both. All my plans of overnight passages, visiting new harbours, exploring new creeks and rivers came to nothing. A combination of Inca’s poor leg infection and the weather I guess. Still, must not grumble!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I managed, with the help of a mate, to dry Alex out for a scrub and anti-foul.  I do not know what the last anti-foul was made of but I suspect it was made from Barnacle Food!  I have never seen such a lush ecosystem living on the boat before, we had mussels, beadlet anenomes, baby crabs, seaweed as well as the ubiquitous Barnies.

I am trying a different brand this year, time will tell if this proves less palatable to our local fauna.  Got the whole job done in about 5 hours and had to sit about waiting for the tide to float us off the slipway.

Well worth the effort though, Alex feels like she is on some sort of go-faster drug.  We are getting at least 2kts more under sail and/or engine now but the only downside is that I have contrived to give the pontoon a hefty whack on two occasions while getting used to her new slipperyness.  Shut the throttle and she just keeps going!

On a brighter note, Jayne came sailing!  Now this might not seem like much but I know how much courage it took for her to come aboard and allow us to hoist a sail.  She is not a natural sailor and after her ‘near death’ experience (detailed elsewhere on this blog) she has not sailed at all.  I do not think you could say she enjoyed every moment of it but the seals put on a good show for her.  Video in the video section if you have nothing better to do.


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