More about the ‘Victory’

No, not the famous flagship of the great Lord Nelson, but the little paraffin heater recently fitted aboard Alexandros.  I have added a luxury heated towel rail to the exhaust flue, it gets warm rather than hot, but just the job for drying out wet gloves and so on.  After dear Inca nearly burnt his tail in the flame, I have also added a fireguard that fits inside the doors.  This is an ex cooling grill, just hope my dear missus does not do any baking for a while.

The flue was made from simple 28mm copper pipe, soft soldered and passing up through a deck filler fitting in the coachroof.  When not in use the top ‘H’ section is removed and the deck filler cap refitted.

The only concern was about the build up of Carbon Monoxide when the heater is in use.  I hope to use Alex a lot this coming winter and it is inevitable that I will want to spend time aboard in chilly weather so the risk from CO is not to be underestimated.  Following a quick search on FleaBay, one was duly located and purchased for £15, brand new and packaged.  Upon fitting the alarm, the fire was lit, all hatches closed and my wife watched the readout with no little anxiety.  After an hour, there was… Zero CO detected, so the flue must be working.  Anyway, on with the kettle for a cuppa before heading home and to our surprise we noticed the CO concentrations rising rapidly.  We have an Origa 3000 and were only using one burner.  Within a few minutes the alarm detected over 100ppm and we decided to open the hatches before getting headaches!  With the hatches open, the CO levels ceased rising but did not fall appreciably.  After boiling the kettle, the levels did fall and when the reading was in the low 20’s I shut the hatches and it continued to fall despite the Victory heater still hissing away to itself.  Conclusion?  It is not the heater that will kill you but the cooker!  Make sure you keep things well ventilated while having a brew this winter!

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