And a Happy New Year to you all…

…so after protracted negotiations, my better half agreed that we would spend the night of New Years Eve aboard Alexandros.  She is kept on a pontoon berth so there is no real risk of anything going wrong, is there.  After a pleasant evening at the sailing club, drinking, dancing and playing the bagpipes (a long story) at about 2am we walked the half mile or so back to the marina for the night.  Inca did his business on the way and all seemed right with the world.

After lighting the Victory and considering a brew up before bed, my better half decided to use the heads.  No problem there I thought following a short lecture on the correct use of toilet paper afloat.  After an age she reappeared and told me the heads would not flush.  So, convinced she was doing something wrong, I gallantly popped into the minute compartment to do the business with the pump and, well, not to put too fine a point on it, the toilet blew up.  Water everywhere.  A rubber seal appeared on the floor and at every pump, more water squirted over my legs!

Anyway, after much fussing about the offending detritus finally agreed to make its way out to sea and we retired to bed at around 3am.  Then the halyards started banging.  Inca decided it would be a good idea to lick my head and whine.  My better half could not get comfy and to cut a long story short, at 6am I was sober enough to go up on deck and secure the offending halyard, give the dog another sleeping bag and retire once again, only to notice the carpet was now soaking wet.  So in some disgruntlement I closed the heads seacocks, wriggled back into the sleeping bag and passed out till nearly noon.

The old toilet on its way to the skip...

The following day revealed the now expired toilet was beyond repair and after some research (ybw forums, thanks chaps) a replacement toilet was purchased and is now nearly fitted.

During the complex and not entirely pleasant operation, the better half discreetly retired to the far end of the pontoon and captured some rather nice piccys of the local birds, Avocets, Widgeon and Godwits to name a few.

The new toilet on its way to the heads compartment

Not enough room to swing a caterpillar, let alone a cat!

Inca, I suspect, feeling a bit guilty about his disgraceful behavior, head licking, whining and poking me with his wet nose for most of the night!

Anyway, all is well that ends well I suppose.  But I feel that if spending winter nights aboard is going to happen on a regular basis then a slightly larger boat might not be a bad idea.  Anyone got a Westerly Konsort with a shower and working heads they would like to sell?

Happy New Year to one and all!

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