Tango Tango, Sierra, Oscar, Sierra…

New heads now installed aboard.  Last weekend, with the help of our unofficial bosun, Tellytubby (everyone in my club seems to have a nickname, some make sense, others are a bit obscure) we completed the sanitation upgrade.  Next New Years Eve should pass off without a hitch in the heads department at least.  I must say, the new heads seems much more efficient then the old one, one or two pumps and all is sparkly clean.

As well as the above, we also managed to re-seal one port-light, which had been noticed leaking a tiny bit in heavy weather.  A new LED lamp has been installed above the instruments in the saloon, by happy coincidence it also illuminates the engine bay very well too.  The Victory heater received some attention to its pump and no longer loses pressure through its non-return valve, so we are all ready for sea once again.

As regular followers will be aware, Mrs Blind-Sailor is not what one could call a keen sailor.  In fact she hates it.  However, the Lord moves in mysterious ways and a deal has been struck.  Yours truly is to begin Tango dance classes with her.  Yes, an overweight, blind, middle aged geography teacher, is taking up dancing (well committed to one lesson only at the moment) in return for which the missus is coming sailing with only me for company.  As mentioned elsewhere, the only thing I can not do easily aboard is see.  OK, I know what you are thinking, but I can hand, reef and steer the boat single handed, its just missing the mooring buoys and other vessels that presents a minor problem.  So with her 20/20 vision and me doing everything else, what could possibly go wrong?  Friday is forecast F2 on a good spring tide so, wind and weather permitting we shall see.  Will keep you posted.

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