Jester challenge here I come…

well not yet perhaps.  But I have been thinking about sailing with Mrs Blindsailor and have had to consider berthing.  Getting into our marina has always been a two man effort.  One up on the bow, mooring line in hand and the other at the helm.

So, I had to work out a way to do this single handed as Mrs Blindsailor does not fancy clambering about on the bow and jumping onto the pontoon with a blind bloke on the helm struggling to see where he is pointing the boat etc etc.

After much rumination I came up with the idea of a short strop  over the port winch and dropped over the first mooring cleat as we enter our berth.  This can be done at close quarters and vision should be less of an issue.

So, after a couple of practices I now feel fairly confident at mooring Alex to a pontoon.

One of Mrs. Blindsailors’ modifications was to place a short section of coloured pipe in the bowline loop.  This made the strop much easier to drop over the pontoon cleat as well as making it much easier to see.  The length of the strop was carefully calculated to bring the boat to rest in the right place for mooring.  O, alright then, it was trial and error but it works.  With the engine in forward at tickover, Alex gently comes to rest and is held against the pontoon while her other lines are attached.  As you may have read elsewhere, Mrs BS is not a natural sailor so I am very proud of her coming out today and helping me solve this berthing problem.  The first blind bloke to complete a Jester?  Well, we all need dreams don’t we?  Now where are those Atlantic charts?

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