New crew member appointed…

Planning for the first blind Jester challenge entry continues.  The problem is that it is supposed to be a single handed event, I think.  However, I reckon that Barret Bondon (the autohelm) is exempt and no one could confuse Inca with a person, could they?  Today another member of the crew arrived as an unexpected gift, from an unexpected quarter.  Barnacle Bill will be acting as Bosun on the trip, he probably knows as much as I do after all.

Barnacle Bill the Bosun, ready for duty.

These little figures are knitted by a work colleague of Mrs BS.  They must take an age to produce.

Kehaar, should be a great help with navigation

Barnacle Bill also brought his pet seagull, Kehaar with him.  Inca thinks they are toys and keeps eyeing them hungrily!

No sailing this weekend 🙁 the wind forecast is F8 even though the tides serve.  Never mind, I might have to put the Jester on hold for a while, even with the new crew.

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