Ice breaker…

We popped to the boat today to remove the tender following its duties laying out the anchor and ferrying us ashore after grounding last trip (see video section).  The trouble with using the tender in the winter is that it simply will not dry out.  So it has to come home, get hosed off, dried out, packed up, taken back to boat and stowed away.  Convenient eh?

Anyway, we arrived at the pontoon to find poor Alexandros with at least a foot of snow in the cockpit.  Inca was not impressed.  While he waited for us to clear the snow from the boat he had to sit on the pontoon.  After a few minutes I noticed he was looking decidedly unhappy and was in the act of composing a letter to Guide Dogs asking for a sensible owner! 

I quickly went below and lit the trusty ‘Victory’ stove and before long Inca was ensconced on his duvet in the fore-cabin and looked much happier I have to say.

I decided that the tender was far too cold and stiff to move.  Plus the pontoons were not easy to walk on and carrying a tender back to the car did not seem like a good plan.  It will have to wait until things warm up a bit I think.  Another job was to deliver the new kedge anchor to the boat.  £18 from the WOA AGM last weekend, bargain!  Confession time coming up.  I had put this anchor into the car prior to the last trip (yes, the one we run aground on) but could not be bothered to carry it from my sons’ car to the boat and left it there.  Now, had we had the kedge aboard when we grounded last trip, maybe we could have got off the mud!  Moral: never put off today etc etc.

Anyway, a good scope of rope has been added to the 5 meters of chain and the whole lot put into a mesh bag and stowed in the aft locker ready for use if (when) we run aground again.  That’s about it for now, but thought a couple of seasonal piccys to finish this entry.

The ships bosun hard at work


Mrs BS shovelling snow


Snowy Alex

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