All good things…

Well, that was good while it lasted.  As followers of this blog will know, Alex lives in a drying marina.  Sadly, she has just moved back to a swinging mooring.  I simply could not afford, or justify, the expense of keeping her on a pontoon.  No longer will we simply stroll up the pontoon, dressed in ‘normal’ clothes.  Back to a little dinghy, braving the tossing main and struggling to get a hulking great guide dog in and out of the tender. On more then one occasion, my eyesight being what it is, I have totally missed the landing jetty and shot past it, aiming for the far shore about a mile away.

On the plus side there is the camaraderie of the jetty, the cheap beer in the clubhouse and the lovely views across the bay, so mustn’t grumble.  At least I still have a boat and somewhere to sail her which is more than most people can say.  I heard about that poor copper, shot in the face by Moult, who, by the sound of it, took his own life today.  Maybe the poor chap just could not adjust to his sight loss.  Such a shame.  So there you are, I have a boat, somewhere to keep here and a lot of useful vision left, so nothing to grumble about after all 🙂



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