What will I do…

…with the extra 2 feet?  I very nearly moved Alex to a new home at the Bradwell Marina this weekend.

However, all is not as it seems.  The marina measure every boat as it arrives and charge accordingly.  Now, I have always assumed that Alex, being a W21, was 21 feet long.  It now seems that she is in fact 23’6″!  The marina include the stern hung rudder and the overhanging pulpit 🙁  This is a pity as it puts the berth just out of my financial reach.  So lucky we have the swinging mooring!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bay and the sailing is great, but not being a car driver and having to rely on public transport to get to and from the boat, carrying an outboard, LJ’s for Inca and myself, and the tons of other boaty bits that seem so essential to a trip afloat, is not an option.  At least on a pontoon I could leave everything aboard, making bus use practical.

Still musn’t grumble, the weekend is nearly here and the high pressure looks like it might last a few more days.

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