There and (nearly) back again…

Well, since leaving Blackwater Marina, I have been seeking a permanent home of Alex that does not require a dinghy trip. With Inca, limited vision, and general stupidity, dinghies are best left for sunny days.

Bradwell was nice but too expensive, so we looked at Tollesbury Saltings. Very nice in many ways. But the tidal access is not great at anything much less than springs. Then you have the added problem of the marshes being awash for an hour or so either side of HW. So, either too much water or not enough! Inca really did not like the jetties either. He refused to board, full stop.

So, after a few days of trying to get him on and off the boat, I was forced to admit defeat and shift Alex while still able to get off the saltings.

To cut a very long story short, we now have a permanent home in Maldon, on a floating pontoon behind the chandlers. Seems nice. The guide dog seems happy, the missus seems happy, there seems to be no less water than Maylandsea, so thats that sorted.

Video all about the trip now in the Video section. Hope you like it.

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