…seems a lovely place. At least the bit down by the Hythe is. Alex has been living there now for a month and seems happy in her new home. Sadly, we have not had a sail since she moved there! The weather was rubbish to start with, middle son moved home, eldest son got married etc etc. So many things seem to get in the way of sailing (and updating this blog!). Anyway, 1/2 term is fast approaching and if we do not get out for night or two then I have threatened to put Alex up for sale and buy a tractor!

There are lots of advantages to a VI sailor having his boat at a place like Maldon. No longer being allowed to drive, having a chandlers less then a minutes walk from the boat is very handy. Also the availability of shops nearby is great. The other day I made a coffee only to discover we had no milk aboard. I walked up to Maldon high-street and brought some (and some nice biccys), walked back to the boat and the coffee was still hot enough to drink!
Inca seems to like the place too. Although I am ashamed to report that I was chatting to a fellow berth holder the other day when the big muppet (the dog, not the chap) fell off the pontoon. Low tide, Maldon mud, one very smelly dog. It was rather hard to get him out, I had to use his patent gangplank to extricate him from the sticky black ooze.  After much heaving and hauling I managed to drag his 43kgms onto the jetty and then spent the next 1/2 hour cleaning him up.  This is the dog I trust my life to on a regular basis!

I guess it could have been much worse if the tide had been in.  There is no clear exit route from the water onto the pontoons without going out into the river and back to the slip.  Not sure how I would get Inca to understand that.  Below is a piccy of Inca using his gang plank

I also joined the Maldon Little Ships Club.  The club house is only a 5 minute walk from the boat and it is nice to have somewhere to go whilst waiting for the bus (or a lift) home.  They run regular cruises and I rather fancy taking part, I am just a bit worried that Alex may not be able to keep up with the big boys.

Anyway, the season is upon us and the song of the sea beckons…

The pontoons are not that narrow. Are they?

Watch this space!

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