A lick of paint…

…makes a great difference.  Last week we (my old mum and me) decided Alex needed a make-over.  Having spent two days cleaning and polishing everything below decks, we got to work on the topsides and scrubbed and polished everything that we could reach.  Then we bit the bullet and repainted the anti slip areas.

No masking here. We found a ‘turpy rag’ wiped along the edge left a clean sharp finish.

I had been putting off this job since buying Alex.  I really thought it would be a lot harder than it proved to be.  A bit of care was required but so long as a rag soaked in turpentine was kept close at hand, the odd mistake or spill was really easy to remove.

The boom tent was made from a 2m x 3m lorry tarp.  This is the mark 5 version.  I had to add a couple of snap shackles to the last two lazy-jacks so that they can be quickly unclipped and secured out of the way.  The tent is then thrown over the boom and secured at the four corners with rope, and the intermediate eyelets are secured with bungy cord.








Finally a big thank you to my dear old Mum.  She never ceases to amaze me, at her age she thinks nothing of rubbing down, polishing, and now painting.  Perfect crew apart from her aversion to using a boat hook, but that is another story…

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