Westerly Owners Ass Medway Cruise 2012

Well, we did it. Maldon to the Swale, around Sheppey and up the Medway to the Medway Yacht Club, and back to Maldon.
A truly memorable experience. I have long had an ambition to sail across the Thames Estuary. A sort of personal homage to my grandad, who knew those waters well working Thames Barges up and down the Kent and Essex coasts.
The trip exceeded my expectations. I was a bit anxious about meeting ‘real’ sailors from the WOA. Having the oldest, smallest boat on the cruise I felt a bit self conscious and worried about being, in some way, second class. Stupid! The other people on the cruise could not have been nicer or more welcoming.

We motored the whole way to the Swale anchorage simply was no wind, nothing, not a breath!  Mind you, not a bad thing in a way as it gave us plenty of thinking time to cross the path of several large ships.

Saturday, we decided to take the outside route around Sheppey.  Mistake.  The wind died off and yet again we were forced to motor until well up the Medway.  The wind did finally play ball though, and we had a stonking sail for the last couple of miles.  Tack on tack around the meanders, fantastic.

Dinner at the Medway Yacht Club was first class, as was the beer! 

The crew of Alexandros enjoyed themselves very much but paid for it at 06:30 the following morning.  I lost my beloved hat overboard and even managed to sit on my sunglasses.  Hangover, what hangover?  Anyway, the video is now up in the video section if you fancy wasting 20 odd minutes.  Just a big thank you to my crew and middle son, James.  Thanks mate.  (he is the one with hair)


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