Pyefleet, anchors and iPhones

Sitting at home feeling tired but happy (sort of) having just returned from an overnight trip to Pyefleet Creek. Pyefleet is a lovely little anchorage that extends behind Mersea Island.

I will stick pics up and a short film very soon but the real reason for this post is that I am trying out an ‘app’ that allegedly allows one to edit blogs etc on yer phone. Cool eh?

Wow! That worked first time!

20120916-212400.jpg. Anyway, back to the post. After a lovely run down the river in a westerly F3, we made our way up through the anchorage and I flaked out 20m of chain and several of rope. The crew took the helm and brought us to a stop at the chosen place and I gently lowered the anchor as we drifted astern. With all the chain out we motored astern and the anchor dug in… except that it hadn’t. We basically spent the night resting on our chain. How do I know this? Well, as we weighed in the morning I pulled up the 20m of chain and lifted the anchor easily, plus the fact that there was NO mud on it at all. It had clearly never set! Lucky it was a quiet night, and there is not much tidal flow in the creek. We learn by our mistakes and we realise now that we should have let out 4 or 5 meters of chain first, motored astern to set the anchor and then let out the required scope to deal with the 4.5m of tide. Putting down all the chain in one go meant that Alex bought up against the drag of the chain on the creek bed and the anchor just sat there! So lesson learned and no harm done!
Second mistake was to drink 4 bottles of bitter and half a bottle of rum (between us) and oversleep, missing the ebb and having to motor as far as Bradwell to make sure we got to our berth in time. Good night though:)


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