For Sale?

It’s been a long time since the blog was last updated. Like a swan, the has been a lot going on below the surface though.
Number two son, who crews Alex for me, may be moving up north after Christmas, which leaves me relying on me old mum or my sailing averse missus. Not good.

So I got to thinking. How can I continue sailing without James?

Big and stable.
Fit into existing berth.
Room for a couple to spend weekends and maybe longer aboard.
Not reliant on flappy things.
Warm and dry.
Inspires confidence in nervous crew.


Colvic Watson 26′ motor sailor!

So the hunt is on to find a suitable boat and we may have found one that fits the bill. Watch this space.

So Alexandros may be on the market soon. If you fancy a very nice Westerly21 for, say, £5500, drop me a line!

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