So what is it then?  This love thing, I mean?  Out I go behaving myself to look at a ‘sensible’ motor sailor.  Glance around the brokers yard and BANG, it happens.  There, minding her own business is a tatty, slightly neglected, Crabber 24 Mk1 (yes, the one you can not stand up in).

For the next two hours, middle son and I fondled her, caressed her, tweaked bits and generally indulged in that delusional fantasy that only other smitten owners will understand.

So, I fall in love with a flush decked totally impractical boat.

Missus not happy.

But we only live once don’t we?  Why not be stupid once in a while?

Watch this space, negotiations are ongoing.Not the actual boat, but not THAT different from a Motor Sailor???

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