Happy New Year?

Hope you all had a good one. Spent mine sitting in A&E with my poor wife. Long story but I had to call 999 and she was rushed into hospital, pumped full of morphine etc etc. Admitted into hospital and saw a consultant who suspects a gall bladder problem, and wants to operate to remove it very soon indeed.

I left the hospital in Harlow at about 5 to midnight, and Inca and I saw in the New Year walking up First Avenue in the pouring rain, feeling very sorry for ourselves. Anyway, Mrs BS is home now, having a scan tomorrow and we will see what happens.

So, back to boats…
Lady Jayne has a gas cooker. There is a vented locker aft of the cockpit that houses the gas bottles, all looks right and proper but I do not like gas on a boat for obvious reasons. So I have been getting the courage to flash the credit card about and buy an Origo 3000 similar to that fitted to Alexandros. Woke up this morning and glanced at eBay, as you do and found a buy it now auction for a brand new, unused, Origo in original packaging for £150. I guess it is 10 or 15 years old, but it is new…

It is clear that the cooker has never been used!


As a bonus it even came with a brand new gimbal set!


I am not sure if I will be able to use the gimbals though, as the galley area on LJ is tiny and is covered by a useful drop down board that will do stirling service as a chart table.  The existing gas hob is too tall but I am sure the Origo will fit but not too sure if the gimbal kit will.  Down to boat asap to check.  If not, I will put the kit on eBay to fund a set of pan holders.





Another little pressie that LJ got this week was a new solar panel.  This is the same as the one I fitted to Alexandros.  In the three years it was fitted I never had to top up the batteries, so I guess it will be fine with LJ’s single 100amp/hr battery.  I did not trouble with a regulator as the battery is large enough to cope even on a sunny day.


So, high pressure finally on its way, the missus is not feeling too bad, tides look good for Friday (as long as LJ has not been lifted out yet) so maybe the New Year is looking up after all.
Happy new year to you all.

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