Sea Trials…

…well, sort of. I never really expected to get a sail in before Lady Jayne was lifted out for her refit. But the weather fell right today and the tides were good (springs), so as James was up for it, we got up early and headed down to Maldon. Stupidly, I had removed all the sails for winter storage (in the front bedroom) and we had to get to the boat early to give time to bend them on again.

The wind was very cold F3 to F4 from the North East and we had a stonking beat up to Mill Beach, passing another gaffer coming up river. We also saw an amazing dinghy come belting past at about 20kts! Some sort of planing boat, lifted right out of the water supported by a couple of legs, with I assume, foils at the lower end. Could it have been a Moth? Any ideas most appreciated.

Lady Jayne performed really well, no idea of how fast we were going but considering the sail trim was appalling, we were both pleased with her. However, the leeway seemed rather excessive, again, possible a function of poor trim? Any gaffer sailors out there please feel free to help out here! Another thing we noticed was heeling. She seemed to heel more than old Alexandros. I wonder if full main and both foresails was a bit much for F4?

Silly film posted on the film pages of today’s trip if you can be bothered!

We got back to Maldon after rounding the Lawling Creek No.2 PHM, at about 16:00 and had a bite and a pint in the Queens Head. I think we went in for a warm up as much as anything else.

Bodes well for the future, roll on the refit and roll on the summer!

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