Bigger lean-to needed.

Suffering from the snow and not being able to start work on LJ’s refit, I decided it would be a good idea to bring home (on top of Mrs BS’s car) the Boom, Gaff and Bowsprit.  The idea is that I can take my time sanding them and varnishing them in comfort, with R4 on, a cuppa to hand and the heater on.

No Chance.  The boom is about 18″s longer then the lean-to.  RATS.

...The boom however I tried...

…The boom however I tried…

...just will not fit.

…just will not fit.

Gaff and Sprit fit fine...

Gaff and Sprit fit fine…






So, bigger lean-to or saw a couple of feet of off the boom?
Only kidding. I guess I will have to wait for dry days, forgo the heater and sand and varnish with a bit sticking out of one of the doors.

Never mind.

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