Scraping, washing and tent building…

…my poor wife is still poorly.  After removal of her gall-bladder we had assumed all would now be well.  NAH!  No such luck.  Still in pain (over 3 weeks since going under the knife) and not happy.  I did suggest she could do a bit of scraping to take her mind off of things but that did not go down too well.  I was only trying to help!

I have begun the marathon rope washing.  Washday bluesThe results of the firstI found that they need doing twice.  One wash ‘double shotted’ with powder to remove most of the green grime, then a second wash with only a standard amount of powder (non-bio) and a dollop of fabric conditioner.  I have to say the results are very good indeed.  Some of the seizing had come loose so I replaced the whipping twine and only cut myself twice on the same finger!

The boat now boasts a winter cover big enough to allow work to continue.  The 8m X 5m tarp cost £70 and it is a ‘cheap’ one!  Still it should last until the next batch of windy weather.  I built a frame to raise it high enough to give standing, well crouching, headroom.  At least I can now make a start on removing fittings and repairing the decks.


The tent frame is stronger then it looks, honest.  So, where is the refit at the moment?  Mast lowered and awaiting repair/varnish.  Bowsprit and Gaff both waiting for final coat of varnish.  Boom being stripped.  All ropes washed.  Tent fitted and secure.  Work about to begin on decks, then move heater and decorate below decks.  By then the warmer weather should be upon us and the mast can be tackled.  That only leaves the other 300 jobs on the ‘to do’ list, so all things being equal she should be afloat by August.






But which August I hear you say!

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