She Swims!

The long refit is coming to an end at last.  The Sunday before last our ever helpful yard manager offered to crane her in.  A hectic day of last minute preparations entailed.  I realised that there were no cleats or fairleads fitted, that we had never retracted the bowsprit, that a hundred lines, cups, tools and so on had to be removed or correctly stowed away.

A really busy day but at HW, which on that Sunday happened about 19:00, Nutmeg was launched.  No champaign or cheering crowds but nothing went wrong either, you can not have it all ways can you?

Mainsail up at lastOn her berth at last

Of course there are still a hundred little jobs to do.  Wiring up the masthead lights and VHF antenna proved to take a lot longer then it should have done.  The mainsheet still needs finishing as do the cockpit seat slats.  Chart plotter, compass etc etc.  But these are all minor details, the point is she is afloat and almost ready for sea!

In my last post I spoke about a chap I know on life support.  It didn’t look too good for him but he is recovered, out of a coma and home again with his wife!  Like Nutmeg, there are still things that need sorting but he is back where he should be.  At home.

My eyesight is still playing up.  I am waiting for a new Scleral Lens to be sent to Moorfields which, if it works, should extend the wearing time enough to get back to work at least.  We shall have to wait and see.

"Better then trying to climb that stupid stepladder"

“Better then trying to climb that stupid stepladder”


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