Blackwater Leather

well, funny how things change, how one thing leads to another. Following my depression over not being able to go astern in Nutmeg, she heard that I was going to sell her and behaved last time out.

There is a definite love hate relationship building between us!

I love her, she hates me!

Anyway, owning an old gaffer means learning lots of new skills and amongst them is leatherwork. As followers may remember I replaced all the leatherwork on Nutmeg and added a few innovations along the way..

Our ever helpful yard manager was much impressed and suggested that I could do leatherwork to supplement my meagre income. Several people around the yard have complemented us on the quality of the stitching and so on and three have even ordered phone cases! So, after due consideration, an investment in tools and materials Blackwater Leather is in business!!

Please please have a look at

I would really appreciate your feedback on the site, as I cannot, for obvious reasons, tell clearly how people see it.

Oh, and if you want a new phone case in handstitched vegetable tanned best quality leather, drop me a line at

Every little helps!

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  1. Paul Finlay says:

    Hi Steve, l see from the Appoloduck website that Nutmeg is for sale. I have owned a Mk I Grabber, and have recently purchased a small motorsailer, a Cox Master Mariner 22′ 6″. I’m really delighted with it and was considering a Colvic Watson. There are a few available on Appoloduck at the moment and one at less than 9k which is a well equipped boat. This may be worth considering as I think it could tick all the boxes you need including an enclosed wheelhouse with standing headroom and wheel steering. I have a mobility problem and find my boat is easy to get access onto deck and it also has a good sized cockpit with a tiller. The accommodation is also very spacious for the size of boat with far more room than your Grabber. Have a look for a Cox Master Mariner.
    Take care.

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