Here are just a few, hopefully, useful links to other places on the www that I have found interesting or helpful.  I hope you do too.


  • Blind SailingThis is a Registered Charity, whose aim is to help blind and partially sighted people sail.
  • Creek SailorA really superb site with lots of useful info about the R Blackwater
  • The Moreton Pit Light RailwayWhat we do when the wind is not blowing.
  • YBW ForumsA really useful resource for all sailors. Well worth a visit, but be careful, you may get hooked.

Useful links

3 Responses to Links

  1. Ian Bartlett says:

    Loved the film on the WOA Medway Rally. The production was extremely good. With luck and patience I hope to be able to get near to that level. Sorry I could not make that rally as I had just returned from my big trip. (see web site). I look forward to meeting with you at a future rally.

  2. Ken says:

    Hi, Steve. I need to get some onfo on how you did all this. Hope to have a chat when we meet but have a feeling we will miss each other next weekend.

  3. Tarquin says:

    Hi Steve,
    I like the idea of a diesle heaters dont know why but I rechon thats the one might as well as I am going to have diesle on board,keep it simple thats what I say.

    Yes I like that one after all we are only passing through one day at at a tme !
    “Time and tide waits for no man” we have only but a short window so your right we better make the most of it.
    Oh by the way NUTMEG looking good I will be in at some point God only knows a bit too much going on at the moment but nice to be able to do it ha ha I rechon will be the last one in but thats OK life has tought me that everything happens in its own time and rythym just like the sea.
    I think it goes like this Storm, NUTMEG, Gilda, Jane Louise
    I still think it is a cracking name “suits the crack”
    god bless Tarquin

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